Welcome to Stich-Te Naku



When my husband Daniel and I were married in 1989 we spent the final three days of our honeymoon in the New Mexico village of Chimayo, known for its weavings. As we visited many of the studios, I was fascinated by the artwork and skill of the artisans but thought this was a lost art, not something commonly done anymore.

In 2003 our daughter started kindergarten at a school that includes a weaving program for the kids. I met the weaving teacher and as it turns out, both she and I had attended UC Davis at the same time and crossed paths, but had never met. A friendship followed. At the beginning of the following school year I spoke with her to see if she ever taught weaving classes to adults. Her answer was no, but she did have need for an assistant/apprentice, so I began working and teaching in the weaving room and learning the process the same way our kids do. Within two years I had begun attending weaving conferences, joined the local guild and purchased my first loom. I also began to sell my work to friends and acquaintances who saw something I was wearing. My first tallit was a Bar Mitzvah gift for our nephew in Massachusetts with many more following as requested. My kindergarten daughter who got me started on this path is now a young adult.

I work from my home in Redwood City.  After starting with weaving I have begun to expand my work into other fiber arts including producing Dorset Buttons from my hand dyed yarns. I dye my weaving yarns to create unique scarves that I can never reproduce. I also dye & hand-felt scarves in both Merino Wool & Silk and Cashmere & Silk that are a lighter weight wearable that still can provide warmth with that one-of-a-kind end result. Custom tallitot and other special projects are available upon request.  I use natural fibers in my work – primarily tencel, bamboo and silk.