Woven Scarves

For my woven scarves I first paint the warp (the longitudinal threads) of the scarf. After the paint has set and any extra dye has been removed, I set up my loom and weave. Each scarf will be a unique creation.

Here is the process:

Measure yarn & tie to keep the threads in order. Wash prior to dyeing.

Apply dyes

Allow dye to sit for 24-48 hours in order for the chemical reaction to complete & ensure that the color has been absorbed into the core of the yarn, then wash out excess and dry

Set up the loom & weave. There is enough yarn to allow for the weaving of 3 scarves, but I will either change the color of the weft (the yarn I weave with) or the weave pattern, so each finished scarf will be unique

Final wash & finish ends

Trim, iron & label

Some other examples of finished work